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Welcome to the University of Washington School of Nursing!  I invite you to learn more about this special place and how we touch the lives of people every day. As you’ll learn, our school began teaching nursing more than 90 years ago and has a strong tradition of serving others through discovery of new knowledge and improvement of care. Many of nursing’s most remarkable leaders, scholars and practitioners are a part of the school of nursing story.

As you learn more about our school, you will find that knowledge really is at the heart of all that we do. It would be simple (and correct) to say that we have world class research underway in our school. That’s only part of the story. While we are one of the nation’s leading research schools of nursing, it is really the character of this work that is most important. We are committed to improving health, relieving suffering, and reaching those in greatest need as you will discover by exploring the actual projects and publications that are shaping the future of caring.

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